The Original Poe Grave Ghost Tour is B A C K ! ! !

Paranormalist and Mystery Performer Vince Wilson is back with the ghost tour he started back in 2005! For the first time in 8 years, he’s coming back to his home town of Baltimore to scare-up some fun!

Vince Wilson has been featured on The Discover Channel, NatGeo, Destination America, The Travel Channel, local TV news, The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Magazine, radio and podcasts as an expert in all things weird and mysterious!

Starting in the lobby of the Haunted Lord Baltimore Hotel, Vince will tell you the tales of the ghosts and happenings that take place in the historic building. Then he will take you on walk to the Westminster Burying Grounds and bring you into the graveyard and visit Edgar Allan Poe’s grave (both of them!) before taking you into the catacombs! Finally, the night ends with a spooky seance to contact the spirit of Poe Himself!

Dates are coming up soon for Friday and Saturday nights. Spots are going to fill up faster than a freshly dug grave, so we want to give you a chance to get tickets now!

Sign up for Eric Jones’ show this Saturday and then say “Nevermore” at registration (only available to ticket buyers as of 7/5/19 – 7/6/19) and receive a coupon good for one free pass per ticket to any Poe Grave Ghost Tour through to the end of 2019.

This is the most exclusive ghost tour ANYWHERE! Join the few people to tour the graves and come back out!

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