Harley’s sometimes called “Zen-master of sideshow.” In his evolution, he’s been credited with reinventing the art-form. Harley’s been locked in chains and immersed in a tankful of sharks. He’s been strapped into a strait-jacket and hung by his feet under a helicopter. The Guinness Book of Records rejected his bed of four nails as “too dangerous to publish.” Now, he uses only one nail. “Less would be pointless!” he says. Harley tours internationally. His television appearances (The Today Show,The Tonight Show,Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, etc.) have been seen by over a billion people. “An entertainer?” people say. “What do you play?” He says “The audience!” Harley will be joined in this evening’s performance by his talented daughter, Emily. Emily is a professional dancer, singer, and artist. She performed with Harley for the first time when she was 7 years old.

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