Robert Frank is a renown Edgar Allan Poe impersonator and talent onto himself. An accolplished pianist and actor, Robert will be reciting Poe’s most famous poems Friday and Sunday night while performing at the 2019 International Edgar Allan Poe Festival!


Meet at the Lord Baltimore Hotel and hear Robert recite some of Poe’s most famous Poems such as Annebal Lee and The Raven! Then we will see a magic and mystery performance by magic and paranormalist Vince Wilson!


Meet at Poe’s Grave! Robert will recite more of Poe’s poetrty at his gravesite on the corner of Greene & Fayette Streets. Then, tour the Burying Grounds and the Catacombs! Here the tale of Frank the Body Snatcher, the legends of the Westminter Ghosts and explore the mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe!