Yes, it is also the month of Halloween! Celebrate Poe’s life and mysterious death at Poe’s Magic Theatre in the Lord Baltimore Hotel!

This weekend we are honored to be working with and sponsoring 2019 International Edgar Allan Poe Festival & Awards with The Lord Baltimore Hotel and The Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum!


The Gotchic Magic of Vlad

See the spooky Gothic Magic of Vlad at Poe’s Magic Theatre! Vlad will read your mind, enthrall with his supernatural powers and commune with the spirits! Prizes will be awarded for those who come dressed for The Month of Halloween!

The First Annual Official Poe Seance

On October 7th, 1849 the world lost in mystery one of humanity’s greatest contributors to literature. Edgar Allan Poe, father of the modern detective story would confound historians and amateur sleuths alike with his, as yet, unsolved death.

Join Vince Wilson and Vlad in a Nineteenth Century Gothic Seance. We will explore the inexplicable death of the great writer and the myths associated with his life as well!


Robert Frank is a renown Edgar Allan Poe impersonator and talent onto himself. An accomplished pianist and actor, Robert will be reciting Poe’s most famous poems Sunday night while performing at the 2019 International Edgar Allan Poe Festival!

Meet at Poe’s Grave! Robert will recite more of Poe’s poetry at his grave site on the corner of Greene & Fayette Streets. Then, tour the Burying Grounds and the Catacombs! Here the tale of Frank the Body Snatcher, the legends of the Westminster Ghosts and explore the mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe!

Poe’s Death Day (Monday)

The Coldharts

Eleven-year-old Edgar Allan has only one goal: to be the most remarkable boy at English boarding school. He has only one obstacle: Edgar Allan.

A manic lullaby inspired by the childhood and short stories of Edgar Allan Poe.

Edgar Allan is a two-person dark musical-comedy, adapted from the short story William Wilson by Edgar Allan Poe, created and performed by Katie Hartman and Nick Ryan. It follows eleven-year-old Edgar Allan in his first year at Manor House School, as he seeks to gain academic ascendancy over the student body. All goes to plan until another boy named Edgar Allan arrives in class… complicating his schemes of dominance. Edgar Allan is a dark, comedic riff on the obsessions, the mania, and the insanity that haunted the life and work of America’s first professional writer.

Edgar Allan premiered at the 2013 Twin Cities Horror Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and has been performed over one hundred times and toured festivals across the United States and Canada. The show is a six time ‘Best of the Fest’ winner, receiving awards in London, Orlando, Ithaca, Minneapolis, Cincinnati and Edmonton. The “Edgar Allan” original cast album is a finalist for the first annual Saturday Visiter Awards presented by Poe Baltimore. More information available at

One Night Only on the 170th Anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe’s Death!

Poe Death Day Tour

On the Anniversary of his death, we will be exploring the mysteries behind Poe’s demise. How did he die? How did he really live? Hear all the truths, lies and history of one of America’s greatest authors!

Poe’s Magic Theatre is conducing ghost tours from The Lord Baltimore Hotel to the Westminster Burying Grounds at the corner of Greene & Fayette.

The Tour will start in the lobby of the hotel. Get there early and have dinner at the LB Tavern before the tour begins. The Burying Grounds are only a 10 minute walk away.

Each tour will start with ghost stories and history of the Lord Baltimore Hotel and the we will begin our trek to the Burying Grounds. Along the way we will learn the Haunted History of Baltimore.

Once we reach the Burying grounds you will learn:

  • The history of the Burying Grounds
  • The Tale of the Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe!
  • The Macabre Tale of Frank the Body Snatcher
  • Stories of the Ghosts of Westminster
  • The Incredible Tale of “The Poe Toaster”
  • You will have access to the entire Burying Grounds and the “Catacombs” beneath the church! At the end of the evening we will conduct a seance in the “spirit” of Edgar Allan Poe!

Will you be “lucky” enough to contact the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe?

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