Paul Prater returns! In this unique (and creepy) show Paul helps keep the dead alive, in a manner of speaking, by sharing their tales. It isn’t all scary as Paul brings his trademark humor to an evening of dark entertainment.

Come listen to the tale of Tilly Harte, the famous Victorian singer and psychic. Hear her voice and help try to unravel her mystery. She disappeared. Was it murder?

One lucky person will get to play the part of David Dow, the captain of the Lusitania. Will his wife’s fateful warning be heeded?

Another spectator will quite literally visit the past where they will experience a very frightening place indeed, sharing the emotions of one unlucky Victorian.

In this interactive night of spirit theater, magic and mentalism, the audience will help create the show while Paul shares ancient relics and tales. In the end, we may find that the ghosts have been with us all along.


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