See the fun, interactive and amazing virtual magic of Dave Thomen!

About this Event

A virtual show by Dave Thomen of D’s Magic, a WJZ-CBS News Baltimore’s Best.

Today’s world behind windows is the catalyst for this online event, and now you are invited to experience each moment of magic with an architect of time.

TimeCapture is a credo for Thomen about life. As an instructor of college-accredited magic courses, each of his students develop their focus of each moment. Magicians understand something – a part of the mind – that audiences are unaware of, which makes the illusion real.

So, your time captured in this online presentation will equate to thinking like a magician and the notion of the present being a gift.

Join in for this interactive performance – a window of wonder – arousing laughter, surprise, and amazement. Discover why Dave Thomen of D’s Magic is a National Theatre “Star of Magic” recipient.

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