Celebrating African-American entertainment in the Mystery Arts in an evening of wonder!

About this Event

An incredible team of Mystery Arts together for the first time!

Hosted by Ran’D Shine!

Ran’D is the face of the new millennium magician. He wowed audiences with his brilliant presentation at the 44th Presidential Inauguration in Washington, D.C as well as Capetown, South Africa. As one of the most sought after college performers he has also captured the imaginations of audiences from Hollywood to New York City for more than a decade. He has already read your mind and knows that you want to know more.

Lion Fludd

Having performed at countless venues across the USA and having appeared on a number of television shows, our brilliant magician will leave your guests astonished. Performing unique and innovative magic tricks, this is a magician different from the rest. Our magician’s charismatic personality and friendly manner will delight your guests due to his expert manner at engaging with all types of audiences!

Jamahl Keyes

The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes has been performing all over the world for over two decades. Performing magic on many stages he has developed and mastered being a true one man show. His Broadway Magic show has been a hit since he debuted it 20 years ago. Broadway Magic has allowed people who may had not experienced a live Broadway show but with a twist of Magic and illusion. Each show was left with large crowds wanting more with endless cheers. Now Broadway Magic is coming to a virtual stage near you. Imagine a virtual Broadway Magic show in the comforts of your own home. The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes is Broadway Magic and will appearing on your virtual stage ready to give you a Broadway experience.

Benjamin Barnes

Benjamin Barnes’ undeniable talent has made him one of America’s favorite magicians. Whether creating miracles up close at a corporate cocktail party or doing the impossible from on stage, Benjamin’s magic is guaranteed to make your event one to remember.

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