Is ESP real? Are we more connected than we think? Find out with paranormalist Vince Wilson as we delve into the supernatural at Poe’s Magic Theatre in Baltimore! #magic #baltimore #poesmagic #magician #paranormalist

Join Vince Wilson for a some parapsychological experiments!

Vince Wilson is an author, inventor, hypnotist, paranormalist, magician, lecturer. He has appeared on the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, NatGeo, and Destination America and on dozens of local TV news shows, radio shows and newspapers! Vince will put on the greatest Magic and Murder Mystery Show on Earth!

Vince Wilson’s Magic, Mind, and Mystery offers award winning entertainment that has amazed thousands over the years! Unique magic, new virtual and social distance stage shows, murder mysteries and amazing mentalism that will have your audience begging for more and maybe event believe in a universe of possibilities!

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