The Master of Wands is the keeper of order, the wrangler of wizards, and the controller of chaos. A mage in this role is one that has proven themselves to be loyal, hardworking, and true to the cause of the order. A Master of Wands is an advisor to Arch Mages, providing input and feedback in the effort to grow and improve the order. A Master of Wands also holds a ritualistic role during ceremonies and meetings. They are entrusted with the right and duty to keep things on topic, reduce side conversations, and keep time. In addition, they aid in maintaining an inviting, magical atmosphere. Ideally, they are the first to show or ask to see magic during the magic performance portion of the meeting.

Bill received a handcrafted wooden ceremonial wand (he was disappointed he is not allowed to smack magicians with it) and a framed certificate.

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