Saturday, January 28th, 2023

Poe’s Magic is very excited to be working with the McBride Mystery School to present The Magic & Mystery School Experience at Poe’s Magic Academy!

What is The Mystery School Experience? Consider it the East Coast extension of the world-renowned McBride Magic & Mystery School. Hosted by Lawrence Hass, Ph.D., the Dean of the School, successor in that role to his friend and mentor, Eugene Burger.

Larry Hass’s visionary approach to magic has been featured in leading international media, including the New York Times, USA Today, The Chronicle of Higher Education, the Associated Press, National Public Radio, the Discovery Channel, and in his recent TEDx Talk, “What Is the Art of Magic?”

Dr. Hass will be joined by Mystery School founder Jeff McBride via a live Zoom event at Poe’s Magic Theatre for a special keynote talk. Also joining Larry will be Poe’s Magic Academy founder Vince Wilson along with other Mystery School Ambassadors, associates, and alumni.

This experience will be the first of many. Our goal is to help all magicians achieve their goal of sharing wonder. Some magicians attending The Poe’s Magic Experience might be chosen to perform at Poe’s Magic Theatre!

Event 1: Level-Up Your Magic Workshop

A 3.5-hour hands-on performance and skill-building workshop for magicians run by Larry Hass.

The components of this would involve:

  1. Larry Hass will perform a short opening show and then deliver an interactive keynote on themes of essential interest to developing magicians, such as show building, marketing, character development, acting, repertoire development, and scripting.
  2. Works in progress feedback sessions. (The feedback and “direction” in these sessions not only assist the performers, but the entire group as well.)
  3. Jeff McBride will “Zoom in” for a keynote talk.
  4. Teaching select performing material.

Event 2: Showtime with the Magic & Mystery School

Larry Hass will emcee the Saturday evening Poe’s Magic Theater Show (60-75 minutes). The show will include Dr. Hass in an Ensemble Show format featuring Mystery School alumni and associates in magic!

Event 3: Special Magic Lecture: How to Play Big in the Real World

A 75-minute post-show trick and method lecture.

Event 4: The Magic & Mystery School Party

A post-show facilitated magic jam and fellowship.

Event 5: Breakfast Recap

On Sunday morning, at 9:30 am, we have Breakfast in the Bistro with Larry Hass, Vince Wilson, and Mystery School Experience Guests, to discuss the experience and lessons learned.