Get Ready for an Unforgettable Evening of Mystery and Intrigue: Murder at the Hotel – A Ghost’s Murder Mystery Dinner


Step into a world of suspense and enigma as we invite you to experience a night like no other. Prepare to be captivated by the allure of the unknown, the thrill of solving a murder mystery, and the eerie atmosphere of a haunted hotel. Join us for “Murder at the Hotel – A Ghost’s Murder Mystery Dinner,” an extraordinary event that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Are you ready to put your detective skills to the test?

Unveiling the Mystery

Date: Friday, May 26th, 2023
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: The Lord Baltimore Hotel
Tickets: Book Here


“Murder at the Hotel” combines the intrigue of a classic murder mystery with a ghostly twist. Imagine yourself stepping into a beautiful luxury hotel, a place shrouded in history and rumors of paranormal encounters. As you indulge in a sumptuous dinner, a chilling crime unfolds right before your eyes. Will you be able to unravel the secrets hidden within the hotel’s walls?

Join Paranormalist Vince Wilson and The Mystical TeAnna and help solve this supernatural mystery!

The Atmosphere

Prepare to be transported to a different era as you embrace the ambiance of the haunted hotel. The venue will be transformed into a setting reminiscent of a bygone era, complete with flickering candlelight, and an air of mystery. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere as you interact with ghostly characters and fellow guests who may hold valuable clues to solving the heinous crime.

Unleash Your Inner Detective

During the event, you will have the opportunity to become a part of the investigation. Talk to departed suspects, gather clues, and use your powers of deduction to uncover the truth. Sharpen your instincts, as every word and gesture could be a clue leading you closer to the identity of the murderer.

Delightful Dining Experience

As you work your way through the mystery, indulge in a delectable dinner prepared by talented chefs. Savor each mouthwatering course as you engage in thrilling conversations and strategize with other participants. The combination of gastronomic delights and riveting suspense will make this an evening to remember.

Tickets and Information

Tickets for “Murder at the Hotel” are now available at [Insert Ticket Link]. Be sure to secure your spot early, as this event is expected to sell out quickly. Visit the event page for additional details, including ticket prices and package options.

Join Us for a Night of Intrigue

Whether you’re a seasoned detective aficionado or simply intrigued by the unknown, “Murder at the Hotel – A Ghost’s Murder Mystery Dinner” promises an unforgettable experience. Step out of your comfort zone, embrace the thrill of the unknown, and join us at The Lord Baltimore Hotel for an evening that will challenge your wits and leave you longing for more.

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