✨ Discover the Magic of Appalachia with Bradley Barefoot! ✨Born amid the ethereal secrets of the Appalachian Mountains 🌄 in Western Pennsylvania, where tales of spirits and enchantments aren’t just legends, but a way of life… Meet Bradley Barefoot! 🎩✨🌟 Raised by a family of mystics – be it the ancient practices of PowWow medicine, mystical dowsing, or foreseeing futures through palmistry – Bradley was destined for wonder. Yet, everything truly sparkled when he unboxed his first-ever magic set! 🎁✨His heart raced, fingers moved, and souls were entranced. His theatrical magic acts became the stuff of legends. 🌌 But as he stepped into the world, he realized many remained oblivious to the enchanting heritage of Appalachia. From this melancholy sprouted his magnum opus – Appalachian Magic! 🌲🌙Come witness a tapestry of stories, spells, and spectacles as Bradley merges his life’s enchanting tales with spellbinding theatrics. Let’s unveil the magic hidden in the heart of Appalachia! 🌲✨🔮 https://poesmagic.thundertix.com/events/216214 #magician #illusions #mentalism #magic #lordbaltimorehotel #poesmagic #baltimore #magicshow

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