Greetings Charm City! We’ve stumbled upon some juicy intel that’s simply too scandalously delightful to keep to ourselves.

Our very own Paranormalist Vince Wilson is hosting a show this August 25-26 that promises to be… different. Ever imagined having a ghost as your best mate? Or pondered if aliens are just extraterrestrial neighbors waiting for a friendly wave? And those misunderstood witches? According to Vince, they’re not your stereotypical broomstick riders.

Now, if you’re someone who thrives on the daily routine, this might sound a tad too adventurous. But for those with a taste for irony and an appreciation for the unexpected, Vince’s show could be the peculiar treat you’ve been waiting for!

Whether you’re planning to attend (and have your beliefs turned upside down) or you’re too “respectable” for such shenanigans, it’s all in good fun. But, between you and us, I think it’s the kind of fun Baltimore could use a bit more of.

Until then, embrace the mysteries, Baltimore! Or, you know, just sip your coffee and act unimpressed. Your call. 😉🌌👻🛸

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