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Poe's Theatre has more online magic and wonder! Why did it take so long? We wanted to do it right! That's why.

Ran'D Shine is back with more Magic Building on Saturday August 1st. Followed by Dan Eckhart hosting virtual psychic readings on Friday August 7. On Saturday August 8th, David Parr returns with more from The Sorcerer's Lair. On the 15th, explore the Aetheric Magic of Paul Prater. On August 22nd, Vince Wilson is hosting the World's Largest Seance and hopes to set a world record! Finally in August, Christian Cagigal is performing for the first time with his award winning performance!

Coming up is Vince's new show Tales from the Haunted Library too! 

Keep a look out for announcements and updates! More coming soon!! Sign up at www.poesmagic.com for additional news as it happens if you don't want to wait for the weekly newsletter.

Thank you!

Yours in History & Mystery,

Vince Wilson, CH


Bored? Stir crazy? Want a free book to listen to while you wait for normalcy to return? Poe's Theatre is giving away a FREE Audio Book from Audible! Sign up for a FREE subscription and receive a FREE BOOK! Even if you cancel the subscription you GET TO KEEP THE BOOK!

Right now I am enjoying THE LAST BOOK ON THE LEFT. From the creators of LAST PODCAST ON THE LEFT comes an amazingly entertaining collection of true crime!

America's premiere seance professional will be hosting a historic virtual event where viewers at home can help contact Edgar Allan Poe!

About this Event

Enter the realm beyond the veil from your own home with the help of one the world's foremost experts in the paranormal. Join paranormalist Vince Wilson as we contact the spirit of American author, poet, and mystery author Edgar Allan Poe!

This is not a trick. No gimmicks, no magic tricks. You may experience phenomena in your own home! A history of seances and instructions, with inexpensive items list, will be included with registration. You may have some, if not all, of the items already.

Vince Wilson is an author, writer, lecturer, and authority on the paranormal and mysterious phenomena. He has appeared on The Discovery Channel, Destination America, NatGeo, The Travel Channel and more. Recently he was on season one of the Holzer Files.


Two children born in the same hospital, in the same hour, day, and year, have the same mother and father, but are not twins.

(The answer is at the end of this newsletter)

  1. The magic word Abracadabra is actually a Hebrew (or Aramaic) phrase meaning "I create what I speak." It was originally believed to have healing powers and was used for curing hay fever.
  2. The earliest magician to pull a rabbit out of a hat was the celebrated Parisian conjurer Louis Comte, in 1814.
  3. The first public performance of the sawing a lady in half illusion was achieved by British magician P.T. Selbit in January 1921 at the Finsbury Park Empire theatre in London.

Please enjoy Tarot Readings from Dan & Kat Eckhart!

The Eckharts are regular paranormal entertainers at Poe's Theatre and local to the Baltimore area. From their "Mystery Manor" they bring you your psychic readings or the week!

Today the Oracle reveals that you are being called again to start your heroic journey. You may have avoided this call in the past or felt as though you could ignore what is beneath the surface. It is natural to turn away from the call to action because the journey seems long, risky, or possibly uncertain.

This journey is one which will lead to the fulfillment of your heroic potential! What does that mean? For some, it will mean self-actualization, for others, perhaps success in their endeavors. The Oracle cannot tell us what it means for you, only you know that, but most importantly, you know that you are being called by the universe to stretch your wings and fly.

Online Readings with Dan Eckhart
Online Readings with Dan Eckhart
Join Dan Eckhart, an award winning psychic entertainer, for an evening of online readings!
Click Here

The Eckharts are available for personal, customized readings and can even do readings via video conferencing or over the phone.

The World's Largest Seance with Vince Wilson
Enter the realm of the other side from your own home with the help of one the world’s foremost experts in the paranormal. Join paranormalist Vince Wilson as we contact…
The Heart & Soul of Magic
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The Sorcerer's Lair with David Parr
Journey into mystery with magician David Parr! A winner of the coveted Penn & Teller: Fool Us trophy. David has amazed audiences for years stories of the mystical arts. Join…
Anniversary Weekend Celebration
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Support Poe's Magic
Support Poe's Magic
Help support magic in Baltimore! Contribute to Poe’s and keep our dream alive! Poe’s Theatre will be back and better than ever with your help. Please donate whatever you can. All proceeds go to reopening as soon we’re able with the World Class Entertainment we have provided since Jun 2019! Donations of $20 or more will earn tickets to upcoming events. Anything over $50 will earn behind the scenes extras, magic lessons and a ghost tour. $100 plus will earn a private magic show with everything mentioned before! Thank you for supporting magic in Baltimore!

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The children are two of a set of triplets.

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