The Art of Magic at the Lord Baltimore Hotel

Eugene Burger by Joe Mansfield

The Artist Crown Suite

Located on the 22nd floor, this executive lounge has panoramic views of the city.  A built-in bar and full-service kitchen make this room ideal for hospitality and VIP receptions.

At certain times on any given week, the Artist Crown Suite will host the World-Class Magic of Poe’s Magic Theatre! On each of the suite’s walls is featured art from the top magical artists.

The Art of Magic

Magic in History

There has been a long history of art and creative advertising in Magic!

The Artists of Magic

Even today, great artists of the canvas and brush are contributing new works to the long history of brilliant, stylized masterpieces of the past.

The Great Magicians of Yesteryear

The greatest performers of magic and illusions who have ever lived have been represented in powerful works of art!

Adam Stone loves the Lord Baltimore Hotel

Magic on Display

Magical artists in performance and canvas are now able to display their skills together at The Lord Baltimore Hotel!

Artists will be able to have their paintings, drawings, and more on display at the Artist Crown Suite. There’s more! Your name and contact information (via QR Code) will be on display under your artwork to let collectors know how to purchase your artwork!


Your art will be on display at The Lord Baltimore Hotel’s elegant Artist Crown Suite.  The artwork will be on display with a tag beneath the art that will include the name of the piece, suggested price, the artist’s name, and a short description. There will also be a QR Code that will direct visitors and collectors directly to the artist’s preferred contact information.

Your artwork will be photographed and mentioned in our newsletter and on Poe’s Magic’s website via a post when it is placed on display.

We reserve the right to reject artwork for any reason. We are interested in representations of historically significant magicians of the past and famous magicians of the present, but not vanity pieces.  We will gladly listen to suggestions outside what is listed, as long as it fits within the theme of magic.

Poe’s Magic and the Lord Baltimore Hotel are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged artwork, although the art is relatively safe in the Artist Crown Suite. 

Poe’s Magic and The Lord Baltimore Hotel are also not responsible for shipping to and/or from the Lord Baltimore Hotel. Although we will help box and ship your artwork should your artwork be purchased or, in the event you wish to have it returned.


Please fill out this form with as much detail as you can, and we will contact you as quickly as possible.

Max Maven by Joe Mansfield

Artwork will be sent to:

The Lord Baltimore Hotel
C/O Poe’s Magic Theatre
20 W. Baltimore St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Please do not send artwork that has not been approved for display.