Ghost Tours

The Original Poe Grave Ghost Tour is Back!

Poe’s Magic Theatre is conducing ghost tours from The Lord Baltimore Hotel to the Westminster Burying Grounds at the corner of Greene & Fayette.

Tours will start in the lobby of the hotel. Get there early and have dinner at the LB Tavern before the tour begins. The Burying Grounds are only a 10 minute walk away.

Order a RavenBeer at the LB Tavern and toast Edgar Allan Poe!

Each tour will start with ghost stories and history of the Lord Baltimore Hotel and the we will begin our trek to the Burying Grounds. Along the way we will learn the Haunted History of Baltimore.

Does the ghost of little girl really haunt the halls of The Lord Baltimore Hotel?

Once we reach the Burying grounds you will learn:

  • The history of the Burying Grounds
  • The Tale of the Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe!
  • The Macabre Tale of Frank the Body Snatcher
  • Stories of the Ghosts of Westminster
  • The Incredible Tale of “The Poe Toaster”

You will have access to the entire Burying Grounds and the “Catacombs” beneath the church! At the end of the evening (just before midnight) we will conduct a seance in the “spirit” of Edgar Allan Poe!

Will you be “lucky” enough to contact the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe?
Vince Wilson

The tours are usually hosted by magician and paranormalist Vince Wilson. Vince has been on the Discovery Channel for investigating the ghost stories of the Edgar Allan Poe House as well as Destination America, the Travel Channel, featured multiple times in the Baltimore Sun and almost every local news channel! He is an author, Mystery Performer and Baltimore native and hosted the original Poe Grave Ghost Tours.

Some tours may be hosted by a special guest host! We will always have an experienced ghost tour guide for hosting duties.

Click on map to see the route starting at The Lord Baltimore Hotel

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