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Fells Point Krampus

Join us for the second annual Fells Point Krampuslauf! Calling all Krampus, Belsnickel, Fau Perchta, Saint Nicks, Elves, and creatures of the Yule! Summoning all faeries, mermaids and creatures of earth. Calling all jugglers, fire dancers, performers and observers and friends! All are welcome!

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Have you been naughty?
December 4th at 4pm

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Join us

For the Fells Point Krampus Fest

We will gather at Fells Point Square for a gallivant around the Fells Point stopping at various points of interest along the way and most importantly to dispense punishment to Naughty who profess their deeds in hope of absolution through public punishment!

We will also be collecting new unwrapped toys at this event for Toys for Tots as we due each year! Just because Krampus punishes the Naughty doesn’t mean we can’t help children in need.

Have your photo take with the Baltimore Krampus! An enter our Costume Contest with many different categories! More to come!

For safety sake we will follow whatever gathering protocols in place at this time for this merry event!

Directions to Krampus