Poe’s Magic Club

More than tricks

At Poe’s, club members will, of course, learn and practice magic, but they will also learn branding, promoting, and tips on performance.

Perform at LBH

Club members will have the chance to perform at the Lord Baltimore Hotel. They will also train to be listed in our registry of World-Class Magicians.

Meet Stars of Magic

The most famous magicians in the world visit and perform at Poe’s. Rub elbows with Stars of Magic and learn when made them successes.

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More than a magic club

Poe’s Magic and the people that contribute are more than just part of the club, but a supportive family.

We work hard to bring the best magicians to Baltimore to perform and lecture at Poe’s so that you can interact with these stars of magic and learn from their lifetime of experiences.

Indeed, we want to help you get work too! We work with local businesses, the Lord Baltimore Hotel, and other venues to try to get gigs for our magicians. Our goal is to develop the next generations of magical performers.

What Poe’s Magicians are saying

Here’s what our current Magicians at Poe’s Magic are saying!

Since being involved with Poe’s Magic, I have learned the importance of storytelling and how it can enhance your performance. I have appreciated the constructive criticism and feedback that I have received from other Poe members.
William Gross
William Gross
Magician at Poe’s Magic
Within just a couple of months of working with everyone, I had a new website, social media presence and gigs coming in. I went from zero experience to pro psychic entertainer just like that! Now, I am working to be a magician as well and the team have been very supportive.
Mystical TeAnna
Mystical TeAnna
Psychic Performer at Poe’s Magic
When taking a moment to stop and really look at the past 3 years, I am truly grateful for all Poe’s Magic has done for me, my family, and my career. First and foremost is how hard Poe’s Magic has worked to keep the dream of magic alive. Vince has been a constant champion for my magic and show, providing valuable insight after every performance and practice. The lectures are always on the pulse of current techniques, both magical and business based. I could not be the performer I am today without your help and support, and I am very lucky to call Vince Wilson a friend.
Adam Stone
Adam Stone
Magician & Manager at Poe’s Magic
Since joining Poe’s Magic 2 years ago, I have had many wonderful experiences which have added to my magical knowledge and performance skills.
I have had exposure to numerous magicians who specialize in many categories of magic such as cards, coins, mentalism, bizarre. Paranormal, etc. I also have developed many relationships within the magic community. I believe that my performing experiences have improved my magical and presentation skills. The Poe organization encourages the giving and receiving of critical feedback amongst the members to enhance the overall magical arts in the community.
Additionally, I have performed at numerous paid events as well as for charitable and fundraising organizations. The entire Poe experience has been invaluable.
John Gazmen
John Gazmen
Magician at Poe’s Magic
I’ve been with the Poe’s Magic Family now for almost three years, and I don’t regret a single day of it. I’ve met some very good magicians I’ve become friends with and see regularly. Also, being a member of Poe’s has provided me with a place to work out the kinks on new effects. Whether it is close-up, strolling, or stage, you will get more real life experience in these areas than anywhere else! Also, Vince and the rest of the team, are very giving with their time and knowledge, supporting each of our career objectives.
Scott Stoolmiller
Scott Stoolmiller
Magician at Poe’s Magic

What’s in it for me?

We will be working closely with local club organizations for new talent. Talent will have VIP access to most shows at Poe’s Magic Theatre (PMT). PMT Illusionists will be able to meet and learn from the performers presenting at the Theatre. Illusionists like Peter Samelson (producer and performer at Monday Night Magic in New York), David Parr (winner on Penn & Teller: Fool Us), Vince Wilson (Host and producer of Poe’s Magic Theatre. Featured on Sept. 2022 cover of Linking Ring Magazine), and many more!

We will also have workshops, classes, lectures, and exclusive guest performances. You will be learning how to improve your act, increase your brand and how to market yourself in the internet age. All of this is included by being a PMT Illusionist.

As a PMT Illusionist, you will receive a badge for your website and information on increasing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With the badge and proper keywords, Google’s algorithm will associate your brand with Poe’s Magic Theatre. As PMT gets more popular, so will your web presence! Your name will be listed on the main site as a recognized PMT Illusionist, with links to your site.

Magicians who are able to prove themselves with the proper levels of skill, personality, and sophistication, may be chosen for a Parlor Show Spotlight on Friday Nights.

Welcome Magical Thinkers!

We are excited to work with other magicians to develop their career and future in Magic

Vince Wilson

Co-Owner & Founder

Vince is a professional, full-time magician and founder of Poe’s Magic.

Bradley Barefoot


Bradley is a magician and co-owner of Poe’s Magic.

Adam Stone


Adam is a full-time magician and manager at Poe’s Magic.

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