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AUDITIONS ARE HELD AT THE LORD BALTIMORE HOTEL. We are looking for illusionists to represent Poe’s Magic Theatre and the City of Baltimore. Please review these pages for more information:
World Class Illusionists | WCI Guidelines

Please send us a confirmation that you will be attending using the contact form on the Contact Page.

Auditions are at Poe’s Magic Theatre (Baltimore Room) on the mezzanine level (press “M” for Magic in the elevator).

Be prepared to do 10-15 minutes of close-up, parlor and a strolling magic. First come, first served.

Hello, and thank you for your interest in performing with Poe’s Magic Theatre. Poe’s Magic only features the very best in World Class Magic. But we also want to help build World Class Illusionists.

In today’s modern web-based world, SEO dominates. That is, basically, you’re ability to be “Googled”. Poe’s Magic theatre will help you grow your name and brand. No fees, no monetary dues. We are looking for talented and skilled performers to help with supporting Poe’s Magic Theatre through showmanship and dedication.

You could be doing this by performing walk-around and close-up at the LB Tavern in the Lord Baltimore Hotel (located below Poe’s Magic Theatre), charity events for the City of Baltimore, The Edgar Allan Poe House & Museum, Westminster Hall and other events/venues. Often there will be media coverage!

What’s in it for me?

Think of this as a club where you don’t pay a subscription. No fees or dues as mentioned before. However, the benefits are often better!

We will be working closely with local IBM and SAM organizations for new talent. Talent will have VIP access to most shows at Poe’s Magic Theatre (PMT). PMT Illusionists will be able to meet and learn from the performers presenting at the Theatre. Illusionists like Peter Samelson (producer and performer at Monday Night Magic in New York), David Parr (winner on Penn & Teller: Fool Us), Vince Wilson (host and producer of Poe’s Magic Theatre) and many more!

Additionally, we will be having workshops, classes, lectures and exclusive guest performances. You will be learning how to improve your act, increase your brand and how to market yourself in the internet age. All this is included by being a PMT Illusionist.

As a PMT Illusionist, you will receive a badge for your website and information on increasing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With the badge and proper keywords, Google’s algorithm will associate your brand with Poe’s Magic Theatre. As PMT gets more popular, so will your web presence! Your name will be listed on the main site as a recognized PMT Illusionist with links to your site.

Being a PMT Headliner

Not everyone will perform in The Theatre. In order to be unbiased, even the PMT manager and producer does not have complete say on who gets to be a headliner. There is a committee of illusionists that decide who performs at PMT. Audition videos are uploaded to a private forum for talent to be approved.

However, some will! We want there to be PMT Illusionists to grow and ascend to new heights and that includes being a PMT Headliner.

We will work with you if this a goal you want to achieve. PMT is also in good standing with other venues around the country and can help you on your road to success in magic entertainment!

Go to the bottom of the contact page and fill out the talent form here:

6 thoughts on “World Class Illusionists”

  1. Vince, It was a pleasure meeting you at the IBM meeting last week. I am a comedy magician however I won’t be able to audition as I am having hernia repair surgery July 10. Will there be any other opportunities to audition. Thanks Ken Caplan

  2. Vince,

    Thank you for coming to the IBM meeting in June. I am a little confused by the words “First come, first served” in this: “Be prepared to do 10-15 minutes of close-up, parlor and a strolling magic. First come, first served.” I hope this does not mean if I appear for the audition (about a one hour trip one way for me), that I could somehow not be given the chance to audition at all. Can you please clarify? Thank you.
    Michael Worsham

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