Dozens of high definition vintage posters from the gold age of magic!

The Magic of Vince Wilson

Spirit Boxed

From the mind of Vince Wilson is his most ambitious project yet – SPIRIT BOXED! Vince takes very simple and forgotten pieces of magic and turns them into elegant works of storytelling art! Vince has crafted an entire “show in a box” that packs small and plays huge! He has created a new character in … Continue reading

The Chirological Analysis Record

Vince Wilson's Chirological Analysis Record is, without doubt, the most beautiful and exquisitely designed palm reading tick sheet it will ever be your pleasure to own and use. This tick sheet will enable you to take your palm readings to the next level, and can be handed to your sitter as a permanent keepsake of the palm reading you have provided for them. … Continue reading

Strolling Bizarre

“No matter what kind of magic I do, I never sacrifice my brand to do it. I have learned to adjust from stage, to parlor magic and walk-around.” – Vince Wilson Vince has put out his most helpful script yet. Sharing with magicians the secrets that have brought him success for more than two decades … Continue reading


Can you really send matter through Zoom? Yes! With Teleport! Perhaps the most amazing virtual effect invented yet!… Continue reading