The World’s Greatest Mentalist Duo LIVE in Baltimore!

Come see us live at the historic Lord Baltimore Hotel, hosted by Poe’s Magic Theatre!

Over the years, the Evasons have created connections on a level few ever thought they could possibly experience. You and your loved one, partner, or good friend, will experience deep emotional reactions, laughter, amazement, and a real sense of bonding that would appear almost psychic. In no time, you will be eagerly participating in interactive mind-blowing Second Sight and ESP. And don’t be surprised if you and those around you react in ways you’ve never imagined!

Tessa’s spot-on powers of perception are so captivating, you might gasp with surprise and unleash a spooked-out shriek! This is a romantic evening like you have never experienced before!

There is a VIP show after the main show in the LBH Speakeasy. This ticket option is limited to just 24 (12 couples) and allows an in person, more intimate private performance with the world-famous Jeff and Tessa Evason!. Both packages include a three-course meal with a vegan option (upon request) and a glass of champagne.